Ubuntu Linux CDs for Sale on Amazon.com


You can now order Ubuntu CDs on Amazon.com.

Even better, you can order your Linux live CDs from a place like OSdisc.com. If you don't have high-speed Internet, or don't want to take the time to make a Linux live CD, you can order a cheap copy of Linux from them.

You can also order Ubuntu CDs for free at shipit.ubuntu.com, but they can sometimes take a few weeks to arrive. You can probably get express shipping with the Amazon CDs.

More information can be found on the Ubuntu.com web site. I believe that this is the same version that you get if you download it. If it is the same as the downloadable version, it will run as a live CD as well as an install CD.

Ubuntu Linux has thousands of free programs available for download. Ubuntu itself is free to download, and you can also get Ubuntu CDs mailed to you for free. But if you don't want to spend time making a Linux live CD, or waiting for Ubuntu.com to ship you a free one (it can take a few weeks), buying one from Amazon.com is another option.

I not have ubuntu operating

I not have ubuntu operating system


You can download Ubuntu for free, or even get a copy emailed to you for free.

I want 5 ubuntu CD no

I want 5 ubuntu CD
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Ordering Ubuntu CDs

You can order Ubuntu CDs for free, but you have to order them here.