Scambaiting and 419ers

You may have seen emails where someone from a foreign country promised to transfer millions of dollars into your bank account from the late General [so-and-so] if you will just give them your bank account number.

Surprisingly there are people that actually fall for this trick.

It is especially common in Nigeria so it is sometimes called the Nigerian 419 email scam. I belive that the "419" refers to the legal code that is being violated.

Some resources and reading to educate yourself about these kinds of email scams:

I recieved the following scambaiting email today and wanted to post it as an example:


My name is Barrister Anderson Mako I am a private attorney . and I have a client who is interested in investing some good money in your country.

My client is a very important and prominent person who has mandated me to contact you for a very important business transaction my client is by name Mrs. Maryam Abacha and she is the wife of a Late Military head of state in one of the richest african country.

Her husband Late General Sanni Abacha made a lot of money through Oil proceeds during his tenure in office. In fact it was discovered after his death that he was worth well over $4.5 billion in United State Dollars and some of this money was retrieve after he died while some was recovered from officials that served under him during his reign as president of Nigeria.

The truth of this case is that my client despite the problem she is going through now, she still has a lot of money in her possession, which she intends to invest outside her country.

What my client need from you now is reliable account
where she can transfer some money but mind you, all the
money in her possessions cannot leave at once because she need to build confidence and trust.

In some who would not expose her plan to remit and possibly invest in your company . so she has agreed that I should make arrangements for the transfer of $60.5 million United States dollars and you are free to negotiate your mode of compensation even as she intends to invest the money in your country.

Please, do not hesitate to indicate your view of this request by contacting me immediately you receive this mail so that the necessary arrangements can be made for the money to leave immediately.

Due to the present situation of my client, I would be happy if this request can be kept a secret.

I would also like to note that there is no risk involved.
awaiting for your urgent reply .
Thank Best regards,
Barrister Anderson Mako