Running Damn Small Linux in Ubuntu


I recently followed some instructions for putting Damn Small Linux on a thumb drive and was suprised to find that the latest version easily boots inside of Windows and Linux as well as directly from the thumb drive.

Here are some screenshots of Damn Small Linux running inside of Ubuntu Linux. Notice the window borders:

Booting Damn Small Linux inside of Ubuntu

Second boot screen, DSL in QEMU

Damn Small Linux desktop, running smoothly

It runs a bit slowly because the computer is running two operating systems at the same time, but it's a fun experiment.

i can get it running in

i can get it running in windows but how linux?

How to get DSL running in Linux with qemu

Full instructions on how to install DSL for both Windows and Linux are available on the DSL wiki.

Virtual Box

I got Damn Small Linux running under UBUNTU, using VirtualBox and I must say: it goes like a missile! though I only have 512Mb of RAM and 1.5GHz. for screenshots see my flickr page and for a review see my blog