Getting Skype for Linux


Skype is a popular VoIP program that some travelers use. It provides a way to make voice calls over the Internet. Skype runs well on Linux.

Installing Skype on Linux

If you are using Ubuntu Linux, then just use the free EasyUbuntu tool to get Skype.

If you are using another type of Linux, you can get Skype from the Skype for Linux download page. Downloads are available to install Skype on SuSE, Fedora Core, Mandriva, Xandros, MEPIS, and Debian Linux, as well as a generic "Dynamic binary" file. The easiest installation method is with Ubuntu, but if you are running a live CD with the KDE desktop you can probably use the file and download Skype into the computer's memory while the live CD is running.

Instructions for downloading Skype on-the-go are coming soon.