Step 3: Burn Linux to a CD

A disk image in .ISO format cannot just be burned to disk like any other data file. It has to be burned as a disk image. Windows cannot do this by itself so you need a special program. There are many programs that will do this but I'm only going to give one example here because it's a free program and it works well.

If you don't already have a program like Nero that will burn a disk image to CD, download a free program for Windows called CDBurnerXP Pro.

Start CDBurnerXP Pro and click on top option that is presented, which should say something like "...burn an ISO image...".

Then on the menu, choose File –> Write Disc from ISO File, and follow the directions presented.

It is best not to use the computer for other tasks while the disk image is burning to CD. It can require a lot of the computer's memory to burn the disk image to CD.